Our work in Cardiff

Many people in Cardiff face difficult challenges, particularly those living in areas of the city that experience high levels of deprivation.  

In recent years there has been a concerted effort to tackle poverty and its effects and to support individuals and families in Cardiff. This multi-agency approach is being driven by Welsh Government programmes such as Communities First, Families First and the Integrated Family Support Service, with local implementation being led by agencies such as Health, Education, Children and Adults Services and the Police through groups such as the Cardiff Partnership Board.


People Around Here is working together with all of these, as well as not-for-profit organisations, to improve the wellbeing of Cardiff’s poorest communities. Tackling factors such as low levels of employment, limited access to education and training, the quality of the local environment and impaired physical and mental health is at the core of its activities.  

We firmly believe in the power of participatory arts experiences to change lives through bringing communities together, building confidence, developing skills and challenging negative perceptions.