Our Achievements

What our partners think of us:

People Around Here collaborates with a wide range of organisations and agencies and has built a strong reputation as a reliable and effective partner in community work. We invited seven of our key project partners or ‘stake holders’ to evaluate our impact on communities, organisations and the city. They included representatives from Cardiff Youth Service, South Wales Police, Communities First, Cardiff Youth Offending Service and the Ethnic Minority Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS). 

Our stakeholder consultation revealed three main themes:

Putting people first:  Our relationships with partners and community members is key to our success and a vital part of our work.  Communication, co-production, positive engagement and mutual respect were cited as our key attributes.

Ability to be flexible: Our flexibility is seen as a positive factor, enabling us to ‘fit in’ to organisations and partnerships, serving shared objectives. 

Outcomes focused:  Our vision and activities have resulted in us being ‘driven by outcomes’, and a recognition that it is important to feedback to our partners on our work towards achieving these.

‘People Around Here provides a malleable creative service that can add value (in a timely and professional manner) to many organisations, capable of working to an outcome-based model that reflects a community-focused approach.’

 – Lee Patterson (Cardiff Youth Service)

Between 2010 and 2012, People Around Here worked with over 8,500 people across a wide range of projects. These focussed around the four main themes of our vision.