Our Mission Statement is:

To educate, enable and inspire communities through delivering outstanding collaborative arts initiatives

Our Vision: 

To deliver transformative arts initiatives which achieve positive outcomes for disadvantaged communities in Cardiff, through:

  1. Developing community cohesion, strengthening connections between groups and individuals

  2. Equipping young people with the skills they need to engage with and positively impact their community

  3. Transforming community space to increase a sense of ownership and pride in the local environment

  4. Promoting health, wellbeing and emotional resilience for everyone, across the generations 


We aim to be:

  • Inspirational – We believe that the arts can be a vehicle to unlock and ignite potential and inspire ambition

  • Creative – We believe that the arts provide a safe space, enabling all to explore and tackle difficult issues

  • Holistic – We believe that understanding the complex nature of the ‘big picture’ is crucial to effect lasting change 

  • Collaborative – We believe that a fully inclusive approach is essential in achieving positive change in communities