Developing Community Cohesion

Between 2010 and 2012, we designed and delivered 20 Creative Cohesion projects. These have brought together community members across generational, ethnic and social divides, including Eastern European Roma and Muslim teenage girls from diverse BME communities. In total, over 850 people have benefited from these projects, partners in which have included Communities First Clusters, EMTAS, Cardiff Youth Service, South Wales Police, Schools, Community groups, Community Focused Schools, and Cardiff Story Museum.

Stakeholders said:

‘You improve a space and improve community cohesion.’ – John Hallett, Communities First 


 ‘Flexible, creative community development.’ – Lee Patterson, Cardiff Youth Service


We have achieved outcomes which have included:

  • Individuals feeling more empowered to participate / contribute in their community

  • Communities integrating and in doing so forging positive connections with others across generational, ethnic, geographical and social barriers 

  • Young people, adults and agencies (for example, the police) working together creatively towards a common goal