PAH had its early days firmly rooted in primary schools and we developed a wonderful programme for all the key stages combining a lot of fun and games alongside educational learning experiences, using music, art, drama and dance. 

Pirates Ahoy!

Capt. Mad Dog and Boatswain Becky - This saw us dressed as pirates and taking the whole school on a day of pirating adventures with dancing, sea shanties and tattoos.

Draig Goch!

Dragons and Wizards - This saw us dressed as medieval story tellers recalling the tales of Merlin and the red dragon with lots of interaction for teachers and pupils alike.

Draig Goch The Musical

This was a truly magnificent adventure with the Welsh Sinfonia. We worked with the Caerphilly schools service and the Welsh Sinfonia to compose four original songs and a musically scored narration mixing English and Welsh together in an all-encompassing story telling experience with a several hundred strong choir of pupils from the Welsh valleys.


This was a Cardiff-wide project that ran for several years, featuring the one and only 'Megan' our very own chocolate brown labrador. This was an initiative to bring awareness of the hazards of dog fouling and also good dog keeping skills. Working with the Dogs Trust we had a very fun and interactive assembly with Megan. We looked at the issues of dog fouling and used cartoon strips created by the pupils that told stories of Megan's ever calamitous quest for food. These cartoons got published in local papers and the winning cartoons went on flyers that were distributed to local residents highlighting how they could help to combat the issue of dog fouling in public places.