Promoting Health, Wellbeing and Emotional Resilience

We have designed and delivered 14 projects that engaged with a total of 598 individuals. These have included creative projects with older people, often intergenerational, which positively enhance their wellbeing and help to reduce isolation. We have also strived to incorporate such a model into all our projects so that these are able to demonstrate a measurable impact on health and emotional wellbeing. Our partners included: Local Schools, Cardiff Youth Service, Cardiff Youth Offending Service, EMTAS, Age Cymru, Age Connects Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan and an Occupational Therapist. Participants and Stakeholders have told us:

‘It’s been a great experience and it proves that young and old can be friends and get together and do things… it’s been lovely.’ – Brenda, 77.

‘Co-production - placing the user at the front end.’ – John Hallett, ACE Communities First

 ‘It’s about helping people to help themselves. It’s about putting them in the position where they are making good decisions about themselves and their community.’ – Lee Patterson, Cardiff Youth Service

 We have achieved outcomes which have included:

  • Older people feeling less isolated and fearful of young people

  • People enjoying creative processes, and so experiencing improved wellbeing

  • People feeling they have something to offer, are more confident and engaged/connected with their local community