PAH have worked with so many wonderful groups of people from all over Wales. They have come from all walks of life with different abilities and needs. We always had the appraoch that we were there to work 'with' people, not 'for' them or 'to' them. Getting alongside folk in their local context and understanding their needs and what the world looks like to them has been a vital foundational process to all the amazing creative initiatives we have been involved in. These are just a handful of the many varied and exciting projects we intiated over the last 11 years.

Digi Dragon - Never Give Up 

Here we were training teenagers to be a production crew and giving them skills in filming and interview techniques. We then invited older members of the community to come and tell personal stories about times in their lives when they had persevered and overcome adversity.

Anthem Draig - Anthem A470 - Roma Anthem

We went into many primary and secondary schools and looked at the concept of what an 'Anthem" stood for and how it inspired people. We then enabled the pupils to write their own lyrics and record them based on their personal experinces of their school life. This became a great transition project for the pupils moving from primary to high school.

We took this same principle and applied it in the Roma community to help those within the community and those outside to understand more about each other and our cultural heritages.

Picture Me On A Good Day

For many years we were privileged to receive funding from the Gwanwyn Festival, celebrating creativity in older age. We ran a variety of art based workshops exploring different themes relevant to the older members of the community and encouraged them to use materials that they may never have used before.

Scratch The Sky

This was a multi-layered project that saw us exploring the concept of hopes and dreams. It took us all the way to Palestine and to a major arts festival in the UK. We used kites as motifs for hope and the tails of the kites as ways of looking at the obstacles to achieving our hopes and dreams. People of all ages created hundreds of kites and flew them on mass. 

Media Matters

This was a long term project over 4 years with funding from BBC Children in Need. It took us into prisons and youth inclusion centres, working with young offenders aged between 15 and 18. We incorporated many different skills including filming, interviewing, drama, music, 3D design, and portraits.

Using all these creative skills we explored many of the issues facing the young people such as lack of confidence and emotional wellbeing as well engaging with them in some key practical skills such as interview techniques.

16-60: A Woman's Voice - Lessons In Time - Art Tells The Story Of WW1

We have been very fortunate to receive repeat funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund through their Young Roots programme. Again we enaged with teenagers from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds using film, music and art to explore their cultural heritage and present it to members of the public outside of their local community in diverse and exciting ways. 

Arts Council Wales - Momentum

PAH have partnered with ACE many times and successfully had two rounds of funding from Arts Council Wales for their Momentum project. This was a very hands on intiative with teenagers who were not in education, employment or training. We used a wide range of art and construction processes to enable the young people to gain new practical and creative skills. The young people created pieces of high art that went into exhibitions and publicly sited permanent artwork. They also gained OCN Agored Cymru accreditations. See the i~chair and Momentum PDFs on the Downloads page for full details.